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AIKO Rolling Table - Large


AIKO Rolling Table - Large

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33.5"L x 16.5"W x 20.5"H
40.00 LBS

    Teak outdoor side table on wheels

    The AIKO collection offers eco-chic, minimalist styling for your outdoor relaxation area. This conveniently mobile side table offers a great solution for outdoor entertaining, to hold or serve beverages, snacks, and more. Also available in a smaller size.

    Structure: Drift look teak, Stainless Steel caster wheels

    Teak is an ancient hardwood, rich in natural oils which makes it perfect for durable outdoor furniture. Ultimately, revitalized teak becomes an essential part of a creative, sophisticated MAMAGREEN furniture design.
    The focus is not just reclaiming and recycling, but upcycling; whereby natural and historical value of the teak is acknowledged, and full potential realized. MAMAGREEN use reclaimed teak in a very original way, that they call ‘drift-look’.
    Old buildings, neglected bridges and disused boats and other construction are deconstructed to harvest the old teak parts.
    MamaGreen is all about minimizing their footprint on the environment.
    Recycled teak has character. There are a lot of signs these wood components had a prior function. There are holes where bolts were used, there are nail holes, damages from hinges and other imperfections, that give recycled teak its unique look.
    Both natural and handmade distress marks are showcased because each aesthetic imperfection in the teak adds to the exceptional feeling of the furniture.
    The ‘extra-distressed’ recycled teak is finished either ‘as original’, or in rich espresso.

    Care for Teak
    Your teak outdoor furniture requires regular cleaning and basic care to maintain its appearance over the many years it can be enjoyed.
    There are a lot of products on the market to protect, color or clean teak.

    Should you do anything to treat your teak? A lot of it is a matter of taste. If untreated, and exposed to UV, the teak will slowly turn silver grey, but will remain as strong as treated teak wood.
    Maintenance Products: We advise to use as much as possible products from a reliable source with clear instructions and after sale service. Note that if you start to use maintenance products to keep the original appearance they will need to be reapplied on a yearly basis.
    Basic Care: The number one rule is regular cleaning to avoid buildup of mold and mildew.
    Avoid leaving food, leaves or dirt for an extended period of time on the teak.
    Do not store furniture in a very humid, non ventilated space and do not cover your furniture with a plastic cover, teak needs to breathe.
    Note that leaving items on the teak for a long period can cause discoloration. Teak changes color when exposed to UV.
    Cleaning Untreated Teak: Clean on a consistent and regular basis with a hard synthetic brush, gentle eco-friendly dishwashing soap and clean water.
    Never use a metal brush or steel wool.
    Spills, such as wine or juices need to be cleaned immediately to prevent staining the furniture.

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