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Durable and lightweight, steel and aluminum are the ideal materials for planters that will stand up over time.
The design, the materials, and the quality of the end product, make our metal planters stand out.

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 Cube Planters
 Rectangle Planters
Cylinder Planters
Metal Planter Designs can be customized to your exact specifications. This includes size, shape and anything else you would like to do.

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Planters with LED Lighting
 Planter with Speaker
 Cladded Planter
Metal planters fabricated with the best materials, carry a 5 year warranty, and are designed and made in the USA.

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W Hotel
Midtown Manhattan
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Whole Foods Market
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9/11 Memorial of Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland
All Metal Planter Designs are available in Mild Steel, CorTen, and Powder Coated Aluminum, guaranteed to never rust. Also available in thousands of custom finishes.
Natural Rust - Steel 
Powder Coat Rust - Aluminum 
PC Rust

Bronze - Aluminum 

Charcoal Gray - Aluminum 
Black - Aluminum 

Metallic Silver - Aluminum 
Red - Aluminum 

Silver - Aluminum 

Linen - Aluminum 

Oxidized Zinc - Aluminum 


The Perfect Metal Planters

Planters, a statement or a disaster. They can create the perfect flow with a business's design or accent a beautiful garden, at the same time they can disrupt and distract. Do you know what your planters are saying about you? The language of such containers may seem hard to understand but not to worry, here at Yard Art we speak their language. Form follows function and our planters are carefully created and designed to communicate your style without compromising their purpose.

Is your project requiring something different? Something outside the normal, boring old planters of the past? Consider using metal planters, a unique and sleek material that will look great inside and out. Metal outdoor planters are great because they can stand the test of time. They are extremely durable because of its ability to stand up to the elements, and it's great for plants indoors or outdoors.

The customization of our amazing planters is up to you. Browse our wide selection of planters to find the perfect shape. Square, cylinder, rectangle or specify the size you would like. One of the benefits to fabrication is that the planters can easily be made the exact size you want. You can also choose from materials such as Mild Steel, Corten, Stainless Steel and Marine Grade Aluminum to get the perfect look for your planters.

Looking for an enhanced design element?
Check out our design options in each type of metal container. Add options such as:

• Integrated, weather resistant speakers for either indoor or outdoor use.
• LED lighting(Face, Lip or Toe Kick for any flat surface container.)
• Pre-assembled IPE wood Lattice.

With design extras like these take any regular planter and turn it into something unique. Don’t settle for just any planter, check out our selection and find something that fits you. When it comes to creating not just a functioning planter but a work of stunning art, no one does it better than Yard Art.


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