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Outdoor Furniture

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Relaxing Outdoors is one of life's greatest pleasures. Lying amongst trees and flowers, lazing beside the pool, sitting with friends around an outdoors table, cuddling up with that special person - who is this world would not like to be engaging in one of these delights right now? Yet too often people compromise on the furniture and the settings that would enrich these experiences - we compromise our sense of style.

When you're inside your home, your walls define you. When you're outside, where do you want to be ? MAMAGREEN furniture allows you to enhance the spaces outside your home, embellishing the beauty around you. You're not taming the world around you - rather you're adapting a small part of it. From the 15 collections and more than 180 pieces, you can fashion your own casual living space. Warm and intimate? Expansive and social? Rustic or shiny steel? Sheltered or sunny? A combination of your sophisticated sense of style and MAMAGREEN's pursuit of excellence in the crafting of fine furniture will enrich those extra spaces that have not been given the eye-catching enhancement that they, and you, deserve. When you want to be at home but not inside, why compromise on beauty and comfort ?

In 2007, two Belgian guys with a world of experience in all facets of the furniture business, CEO Erik de Winne and designer Vincent Cantaert, launched the MAMAGREEN outdoors luxury brand. Immediately the MAMAGREEN experience and eco-fabulous designs created a buzz in the casual furniture market, winning a devoted and ever-growing number of passionate fans. MAMAGREEN, incorporated in Belgium, targets the high-end spectrum of leisure lifestyle products.

The MAMAGREEN Eurasian design team, winner of various design awards, operates out of its manufacturing facility in Indonesia. The 300 dedicated artisans working there use only top of the line materials in the leisure goods they produce, thus making it possible for you to choose furniture whose materials enhance the value of your space and your life - recycled teak, stainless steel and the best and most durable of outdoor fabrics, slings and coverings.

The pursuit of excellence at MAMAGREEN goes beyond the product itself. Major commitment to eco-friendliness shines through with the attainment of FSC certification for recycled teak products, a sure sign that the company is fulfilling its vision of excellence. A fusion of good business sense and ecological responsibility proves that the making of the finest furniture and adherence of principles do go hand in hand.

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