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Getting it right...and being accountable

Considering a purchase of magnitude without being able to see it in person can be a nerve wracking proposition. Yard Art has helped hundreds of clients over the past ten years overcome their online fears sourcing modern architectural elements for the outdoors. Whether you are considering a single water fountain to give your outdoor patio area more [...]

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Cast Stone Fountains

These cast stone fountains make a great accent or focal point. Extremely durable, made in the USA. The patina will lighten over time which adds to their timeless look. Some of them have a more linear modern look, and others are more traditional fountains with a tiered look. Adding the sound of a gentle stream [...]

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Westfield Shopping Center Food Court - Olympia, WA

42" Rectangular Planters in Charcoal Gray located in the food court of the Westfield Capital Mall                               [...]

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Condominium Planters - Hermosa Beach, CA

These aluminum planters are powder coated with a rust finish. The larger ones are 60" X 60" in size. Metal Planters are a durable lightweight solution to decorating a common area rooftop or courtyard.  [...]

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World Trade Center - 9/11 Memorial of Maryland - Baltimore, MD

Yard Art is honored to have supplied the stainless steel planters that sit facing East Pratt Street   Each of these Planters weighs 750 lbs, empty Each Planter has stainless steel skids on the bottom to allow for forklift access They serve as a barrier from Pratt Street to the Memorial and World Trade Center Another view of the [...]

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Winter to do List

Break out the Winter gear the cold temperatures are here! With all of the Holiday festivities it's easy to forget about the garden here is a list of easy to do's that will keep your garden interesting and more importantly healthy.Lawn CareNow is the perfect time to deal with crabgrass. Crabgrass will die off in [...]

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Fall Gardening to do list

 You don't have to batten down the hatches just yet, there are still a few months of outdoor living to do! The fall months are all about planting, feeding, and cleaning your outdoor space to ensure a beautiful and healthy garden in The Spring.Lawn CareAerate and vigorously thatch - aeration allows greater movement of water, [...]

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Summer Gardening to do list

Oh the lazy days of summer! Unfortunately it is not so lazy for those hard at work pests in your garden. What's with all the mold in your mulch and on your plants? The weather is beautiful, but why are the newly planted treasures wilting? We hope that the following information will make this lazy [...]

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Spring time Gardening List of to-dos

Spring is a very busy time in the garden, preparing soil, pruning, planting, weeding, to mulch or not to mulch, and planning ahead for the next season and even next year. With so much information you can spend the whole day reading and not in the garden. We hope that the following information will make [...]

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