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Brass Fountain and Sculpture FAQ

Brass Fountains and Garden Statuary

What are your brass fountains and garden statuary made of?
All of our brass fountains and garden statuary are made of solid brass.

How many finishes do you have?
We offer some of our products in two patinas: Verdigris(green-gray) and bronze. Each piece is individual and actual color may vary.

Can I special order a finish?
Because of the difficulty of working with solid brass and the finishing materials, we do not offer custom finishes.

Will they rust?
Brass will not rust. Some of the smooth surfaces may loose some of the verdigris finish and turn a dark brown color. Any exposed surface where moisture can accumulate will turn more verdigris.

How long will they last?
We like to think of these pieces as "heirlooms of tomorrow" since brass will not decay or rust, you will enjoy your fountain or garden sculpture for many, many years.

Can I use them indoors?
Yes! All of our pieces have been designed to enhance the beauty of your house inside and out.

How do they weather the outdoors?
Brass will not rust. Moisture on brass causes a chemical reaction that gives brass its verdigris patina. An outdoor setting will only enhance the finish of your piece.

What does saltwater do to brass?
Nothing. Moisture of any kind will add to the beauty of your piece.

How do I clean my Brass fountain or sculpture ?
Wipe off the water spots with a coarse cloth or by brushing the spots with a very soft brass-bristled brush. A Lint brush works very well. After you are done removing the water spots, you should apply a light coat of paste wax (Minwax, a furniture wax, works very well). Buff with a clean cloth.

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