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Care and Maintenance

Care for Powder Coated Products

Aluminum surfaces need to be maintained properly to optimize the appearance and performance of the coating during the product life. Coating maintenance involves regular monitoring, cleaning, and damage repair. Surface cleaning removes accumulated materials that can affect the appearance or undermine the integrity of the coating.

It is important to clean the coated surface often to keep it substantially free of harmful agents. Regular cleaning will increase coating longevity. The required cleaning frequency is determined by the types and amounts of corrosive materials accumulating on the coated aluminum.

For coastal installations, the cleaning frequency may need to be as often as once per month. For example, events such as storms may necessitate unscheduled cleanings. Maintenance activities need to begin as part of the installation process. Construction soils should be removed as soon as possible, and any film damage should be repaired promptly. The types and accumulation rates of any corrosive materials should be documented and used for developing the cleaning frequency schedule on the containers.

Methods for cleaning your powder coated product include the use of water and mild soap with a soft brush or sponge. Spot testing should be performed prior to cleaning to ensure there is no coating damage or staining from cleaning materials.

Strong solvents, abrasive cleaners, hard pads, and brushes can cause film damage and discoloration. It is best to clean powder coated items when surface areas are cool. Rinse the surface thoroughly after each cleaning and do not allow cleaning materials to run outside of the application area.

In the event of damage, such as a scratch down to the bare metal, please contact our office at 925 234-3153 or and we will further assist you.

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