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Infinite design options using cladding. Consider multiple colors to create something completely unique. Can be used with any of the metal planter designs, or your custom size.
 Cladded Aluminum Tile Cube Planter Aluminum Tile Cube
Shown in powder coat linen white with aluminum tile custom powder coat tonal grays
Cladded planter on four sides with prodema  Surface 4 Sided - Panel
Powder coat linen white with Prodema rustik panels
 Cladded 3D Aluminum Cube Planter 3D Aluminum Cube
Powder coat linen white with 3D aluminum
tile powder coat charcoal gray 
Cladded planter on 2 sides with thermally modified domestic wood maple  Facade 2 Sided - Slat
Powder coat linen white with thermally modified domestic wood soft maple slats 
Cladded Planter with Fibre C slats Surface 4 Sided - Slat
Powder coat linen white with Fibre C anthracite slats
Trespa cladded planter on 2 sides Facade 2 Sided - Paneled
Powder coat linen white
with Trespa® steel gray panels
Cladded Planter Assembly Cladding Material Options

FLAT ALUMINUM - The tiles are used as slats or panels and can be powder coated a single color or multiple colors.

3D ALUMINUM - Asymmetrical 3-dimensional tile that creates a dimensional surface when clad to a planter surface. Tiles can be powder coated a single color or multiple colors.

FIBRE C by Rieder - Fibre C is a glassfibre reinforced lightweight stable concrete cladding material that withstands the effects of weather and environmental conditions

PRODEMA - Prodema is a composite panel with a natural wood face veneer that resists the effects of sunlight, chemical effects and the damage caused by atmospheric agents.

TRESPA® - Trespa® is a durable high-pressure compact laminate that yields a highly stable, durable cladding panel with exceptional weather resistance and zero maintenance required.

THERMALLY MODIFIED DOMESTIC WOOD - Thermally modified domestic wood is extremely durable; the wood is rot and insect resistant with no toxic chemicals involved. Thermally modified domestic woods are harvested from North American temperate forests and are available with FSC Mixed-Credit Certification.

IPE - FSC Certified Ipe is a tropical hardwood tree that grows abundantly throughout Central and South America. Ipe wood is prized for its durability, strength, and its natural resistance to decay wet conditions, and insect infestation.

ACCOYA - EUTR compliant made from legally harvested wood, FSC, PEFC and other regionally Certified woods, Accoya wood is an ideal material for structural requirements and has been used in bridges and other large structures around the world.


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