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Brass Fountain and Statuary Patinas

These pieces are made from brass using the lost wax casting method
The two brass colors are Verdigris("Verdi") and Bronze.
The bronze color will turn into verdigris over a number of years.

The Mermaid Fountain is an excellent illustration of the differences in the two colors. Her hair and fin are verdi and her body is bronze.

Mermaid Fountain

It is important to understand that each piece is custom, and verdi color variations will vary. Here is a verdi image of the Wind Dancing Statue  

Wind Dancing Statue

Here is another variation of the Verdi color. It looks silver, but it is just how the brass reacted when the piece was created. This is our Crane Pair Fountain

Crane Pair Fountain

In this example of the verdi color, the picture almost looks blue. It is our Five Dolphins Fountain .

Five Dolphins Fountain

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