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Delta Square Container


Delta Square Container

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SKU: 4149208
41.00 LBS

    Simple square planter

    A square-sectioned design available in several sizes,  the largest size is available in both Black and Gray colors. 

    The 24" Delta is fitted with an overflow pipe with the intake raised 2" above the base. This effectively creates a large internal reservoir within the bottom of each planter. For best effect, the bottom 2" of the planter should be filled with an inert drainage material - such as Hydroleca expanded clay pellets, or recycled polystyrene chunks

    18" x 18" x 18" / 41 lbs. / 21 gal.
    24" x 24" x 18" / 60 lbs. / 32 gal.
    31" x 31" x 18" / 84 lbs. / 69 gal.
    39" x 39" x 18" / 117 lbs. / 111 gal.

    24" x 24" x 24" / 77 lbs. / 48 gal. /
    39" x 39" x 24" / 144 lbs. / 151 gal.

    Available Finishes : Gray and Anthracite

    Container comes with drain holes unless otherwise specified. 

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    These planters possess an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making them suitable for a wide range of environments – from weight-restricted roof terraces to interiors, to public spaces. Even the largest sizes are easy to handle.

    What is Fiber Cement?
    Fiber Cement is a mixture of Portland cement, reinforcing fibers, air, and water. Initially moldable, the material slowly solidifies into a water and humidity resistant form.

    40% Bonding Agent - The binding material is Swiss Portland cement, produced with sintered limestone and marly clay. Portland cement is the main component in all fiber cement products.

    11% Additives - Inert additives improve certain characteristics of the fiber cement and optimize product quality.

    5% Process Fibers - Processing fibers serve as filters during the production process. They are mainly cellulose fibers widely used in the paper industry. Recycled waste paper is used to some extent.

    2% Reinforcing Fibers - Reinforcing fibers are synthetic and organic fibers made of polyvinyl alcohol and modified for fiber cement application. Similar fibers are widely used in fabrics, tissues, and fleece.

    12% Water - The water content remains within the fiber cement panel for a long time and contributes to the continuing strengthening (hydration) of the cement stone.

    30% Air - Microscopically small air pores serve as expansion chambers for freezing water and make the product frost proof. Fiber cement is a breathable material, while simultaneously being water and weather proof.

    Fiber Cement Planters, Benches and Landscape Features have a 3 year limited warranty on their structure and a 10 year frost warranty.

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