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Faz Planter Pots


Faz Planter Pots

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12.60 LBS

    Geometrical Shape Planter Pots

    Distinctly modern, the Faz Planter Pots are part of a modular outdoor collection. Their geometric forms are crafted from lightweight yet durable polyethylene resin and come in a variety of matte finish colors. Snug three planters (from either the smaller or XL set) together or apart to create visual interest in your outdoor area. Each pot sold separately.

    *As shown patina: White

    Polyethylene resin in matte finish


    • LOW: 22¾”L x 17¾”W x 16½”H | 12.6 lb | 6.5 ft3
    • XL LOW: 32¼”L x 24¾”W x 23½”H | 37 lb | 12.6 ft3
    • MEDIUM: 25”L x 21¾”W x 27½”H | 26 lb | 9.7 ft3
    • XL MEDIUM: 36¼”L x 30¼”W x 39¾”H | 65 lb | 27.4 ft3
    • HIGH: 17¼”L x 19¼”W x 43¼”H | 23.4 lb | 11.75 ft3
    • XL HIGH: 24”L x 26¾”W x 62½”H | 64.5 lb | 25.93 ft3

    Single-walled matte finish polyethylene resin by rotational molding.

    • Lightweight - Due to their low density and hollow body, polyethylene planters are very light which makes them easy to handle and transport.
    • Durable - Polyethylene resin pieces are distinguished by their high quality, strength and rigidity. It is impact resistant, which guarantees a durable product that is difficult to break.
    • UVI resistant - UV8 factor, equivalent to 8,000 hours of sunshine in Florida.
    • Fade resistance - Guarantees a prolonged use, withstanding the most extreme weather conditions while preserving colors during its service life.
    • Easy clean - 1. Spray a grease remover on the surface to be cleaned; 2. Rub with a damp cloth and water; 3. Rinse with plenty of water; 4. Leave to dry outside.


    • This system provides the plant with water whenever the plant needs it.
    • Mechanism has an indicator that alerts when the plant needs to be watered.
    • Not recommended for outdoors: due to the drainage, the indicator will not work properly.

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