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Yard Art Metal Products FAQ

Metal Products Catalog

Metal Planters, Firepits, Benches and Water Features

What kind of metal is used to make these products?
MILD STEEL: Known for their unique rust patina, our 14 gage Mild Steel Plate(1/16" thick) containers create a sustainable and functional sculptural landscape element. Our steel containers have the strength to handle all weather conditions, including the freeze-thaw of the seasons, making steel ideal for planters, fire pits, water features, and the benches.

CORTEN : For larger planters, or projects located where heavy oxidation is a concern, all metal planters, fire pits, benches, and water features can be made from CorTen.

ALUMINUM: Guaranteed to never rust our .090 Marine Grade Aluminum (3/32" thick) is ideal for a maintenance-free solution. Aluminum is half the weight of steel and twice the strength perfect for situations where weight is a concern or for exterior planting in unique environments. I.E. roof tops, decks, on sensitive porous surfaces, or coastal environments. Available in an array of powder coat colors.

How do your containers drain?
All of our containers come with drain holes and intend on being directly planted in. It is not necessary to use grow pots, however some of the designs have been fit with interior shelves to hold grow pots and saucers or to reduce the amount of soil needed to fill the containers if one chooses to do so. Containers can be provided without drain holes. Requests need to be made at time of order.

Drainage Fittings: All containers that drain onto the surface can create Tea-staining. This is a process in which the soil minerals stain the drainage water and the surface below. At an additional charge, Yard Art can customize special fittings hidden in the pots interior to plumb drainage off and away of these sensitive surfaces and eliminate standing water.

What is the Natural Rust finish?
The natural rust finish begins at the time the product is created and will continue to oxidize/rust to its own unique finish depending on its environment. At first the rust appears powdery on the surface, but over time the rust will penetrate into the steel and evolve into a hard scale texture that is actually etched into the surface of the metal. During this transition some color transfer of the rust can take place. Therefore we do not recommend placing our non powder coated metal garden products on porous light colored surfaces, but it depends on the individuals sensitivity to this process. We would however, recommend the powder coat rust finish. It is made up of a 4 color matte finish, depicting a believable faux rust appearance.

What is powder coating and why do you use it?
Powder coating is the best method available for coating metal. It is a static electric process in which color, in a powder form is charged and transferred onto the prepared metal which is then heated and cured in a sealed precision oven that emits no VOCs into the atmosphere creating a sustainable durable finish.

What is the oxidized zinc finish?
The oxidized zinc finish is a natural patina that alters the aluminum to create a zinc finish. This patina will continue to oxidize creating the familiar aged zinc characteristics.

Are your fire pits equipped for natural gas?
Yes indeed. All firepits are ready for natural gas installation. Our designer had this in mind when creating these products. For those interested in the natural gas, we actually offer Fire pit gas kits that include: control valve, gas diffuser, and flexible gas line. Everything needed for a licensed plumber to hook up to an existing gas line or propane. The gas kit is an extra charge and can be purchased for additional costs.

*Disclaimer: Yard Art Firepits are not home heating devices. Our firepits are to be used for outdoor decoration only. All uses with the actual flame are at the risk of the purchaser. Yard Art is not responsible for any damages to persons or property due to inflammable use of this decoration.

Are there more powder coat colors available, or just the ones shown on the color palette?
Yes, there are more colors available, at an additional charge we can match just about any powder coat if given a sample. You can also go to and select from the RAL Color Chart

Do you provide custom sizes to fit my specific needs?
All of our containers, benches, elements, and fire pits can be custom made to meet a specific size at an additional cost. If you know the dimensions you need, you can email us at , or you can call us at (925) 234-3153.

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