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Palma Planter


Palma Planter

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46.00 LBS

    Modern cement planter with unique ridges

    This tall planter wides it’s way up to create an elegant form that’s a little whimsical but still sophisticated.

    18" x 31" / 46 lbs. / 22 gal.
    18" x 40" / 60 lbs. / 29 gal.

    Available Finishes : Gray and Anthracite

    Container comes with drain holes unless otherwise specified. 

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    These planters possess an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making them suitable for a wide range of environments – from weight-restricted roof terraces to interiors, to public spaces. Even the largest sizes are easy to handle.

    What is Fiber Cement?
    Fiber Cement is a mixture of Portland cement, reinforcing fibers, air, and water. Initially moldable, the material slowly solidifies into a water and humidity resistant form.

    40% Bonding Agent - The binding material is Swiss Portland cement, produced with sintered limestone and marly clay. Portland cement is the main component in all fiber cement products.

    11% Additives - Inert additives improve certain characteristics of the fiber cement and optimize product quality.

    5% Process Fibers - Processing fibers serve as filters during the production process. They are mainly cellulose fibers widely used in the paper industry. Recycled waste paper is used to some extent.

    2% Reinforcing Fibers - Reinforcing fibers are synthetic and organic fibers made of polyvinyl alcohol and modified for fiber cement application. Similar fibers are widely used in fabrics, tissues, and fleece.

    12% Water - The water content remains within the fiber cement panel for a long time and contributes to the continuing strengthening (hydration) of the cement stone.

    30% Air - Microscopically small air pores serve as expansion chambers for freezing water and make the product frost proof. Fiber cement is a breathable material, while simultaneously being water and weather proof.

    Fiber Cement Planters, Benches and Landscape Features have a 3 year limited warranty on their structure and a 10 year frost warranty.

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    Making of PALMA - Design: Rainer Mutsch (02:15)
    PALMA flowerpots Design: Rainer Mutsch Material: cellulose fiber cement Manufacturer: Eternit www.eternit.ch
    • Making of PALMA - Design: Rainer Mutsch
      PALMA flowerpots Design: Rainer Mutsch Material: cellulose fib...

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