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ZIX Stacking Armchair


ZIX Stacking Armchair

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SKU: MZ009
21.5"L x 23"W x 32.5"H " | Seat: 18.5"H | Arm: 25.5"H
12.00 LBS

    Outdoor Stackable Dining Chair

    Crafted with all-weather materials, MAMAGREEN's high-end ZIX collection is designed for elegant and modern outdoor dining. The ZIX Stacking Armchair is constructed with a stainless steel frame, teak armrests, and mesh seat/back slings in a variety of vivid colors. Add an optional cushion to this body-supportive design for even greater seating comfort. Lightweight and stacks away for conveniently storage. Makes an ideal companion dining chair to the ZIX tables. 

    Stainless Steel (hairline finish), Plantation Teak (smooth sanded armrests), Batyline Mesh Sling

    MAMAGREEN uses stainless steel type 304 because the chrome and nickel in its composition makes it extremely corrosion resistant and very durable. Stainless steel is a 100% recyclable alloy.

    Care for Stainless Steel

    • Stainless steel outdoor furniture requires care and cleaning to maintain its clean, shiny look.
    • When exposed to a salty environment, cleaning will need to happen more regularly to avoid superficial corrosion.
    • When the furniture is used on the patio or in the garden, stainless steel furniture is fairly low maintenance.
    • Several products to clean stainless steel are on the market, but a car washing soap will also do the job.
    • Use a soft sponge and soft cloth, never use a metal brush or steel wool.

    Teak is well known as the ideal wood for garden furniture, thanks to its beautiful structure, rich color and high oil content.
    MAMAGREEN's teak comes from sustainable teak plantations in Indonesia, with a reforestation program. managed by a certified government body. Working together with the European community this ensures legality and ecological standards.
    MamaGreen only uses Grade A teak wood for its uniform color, oil content and close grain, which minimizes potential damage in harsh outdoor environments.

    Care for Teak
    Your teak outdoor furniture requires regular cleaning and basic care to maintain its appearance over the many years it can be enjoyed.
    There are a lot of products on the market to protect, color or clean teak.

    Should you do anything to treat your teak? A lot of it is a matter of taste. If untreated, and exposed to UV, the teak will slowly turn silver grey, but will remain as strong as treated teak wood.
    Maintenance Products: We advise to use as much as possible products from a reliable source with clear instructions and after sale service. Note that if you start to use maintenance products to keep the original appearance they will need to be reapplied on a yearly basis.
    Basic Care: The number one rule is regular cleaning to avoid buildup of mold and mildew.
    Avoid leaving food, leaves or dirt for an extended period of time on the teak.
    Do not store furniture in a very humid, non ventilated space and do not cover your furniture with a plastic cover, teak needs to breathe.
    Note that leaving items on the teak for a long period can cause discoloration. Teak changes color when exposed to UV.
    Cleaning Untreated Teak: Clean on a consistent and regular basis with a hard synthetic brush, gentle eco-friendly dishwashing soap and clean water.
    Never use a metal brush or steel wool.
    Spills, such as wine or juices need to be cleaned immediately to prevent staining the furniture.

    The classic Batyline is a state-of-the-art easy care and quick drying sling in time-tested all-weather fiber.
    This strong, coated polyester fabric has outstanding 'bounce back' qualities that withstands repeated use and provides an incomparable seating comfort.
    Even under extreme weather conditions, the ventilated fabric design guarantees coolness in heat and quick drying after a downpour.
    Strong, flame retardant, extreme tear-proof, and UV-resistant.
    100% recyclable via the Texyloop process. Manufactured in France by Serge Ferrari.

    Standard: Easy care, available in a range of both bright and nature-inspired colors.
    Canatex: Batyline Interwoven with hemp for the natural look and feel.
    Abstract: The latest addition to the Batyline sling textiles, its optimised weave openness offers a very unique textured pattern with perfect 2-way tensioning to keep yarns completely straight. Visually, the abstract style gives an edgier look to slings while the weave style allows for even more breathability.

    Care for Sling Mesh
    Do not remove slings from frames.
    Brush off dirt, then hose down each month to ensure only occassional washing.
    Clean using lukewarm water and mild household detergent, allow to seep in, then gently clean with a soft, synthetic brush. Rinse and let dry.
    Flame, stretch and tear resistant. Use care to avoid contact with sharp objects.
    Never use acidic, alcohol or solvent based cleaners. Do not use anything abrasive like a metal brush or steel wool.

    Ideal for outdoor use, this is strong, colorfast textile is stain, mildew, abrasion and sunlight resistant. Recommended to keep dry where possible. MAMAGREEN Olefin is manufactured by Ateja®, in Indonesia and has a natural hand-feel.

    Cushion Care and Cleaning

    • Your furniture requires cleaning and basic care to keep its appearance over the years.
    • For easy cleaning, all our cushion covers are removable.
    • To clean prepare a bucket with a generous mixture of gentle eco-friendly dishwashing soap and cool water. Never use hot or boiling water.
    • Use a soft plastic bristled brush. Never use harsh chemicals or anything abrasive, like a metal brush or steel wool.
    • Remove the cushion filling from the cushion cover.
    • First rinse the whole surface with clean cool water to remove any loose dirt.
    • Dip the brush in the soap mixture and brush the cushion cover, making sure to brush everywhere.
    • Thoroughly rinse off the soap mixture with cool clean water while brushing, do this until there are no soap bubbles left remaining on the cushion.
    • Wipe areas dry with a soft towel or cloth and let dry in the shade. Never allow to dry in direct sunlight.
    • Spills need to be cleaned immediately to prevent staining or damage to the furniture. Always blot spills with a clean, soft cloth.
    • Wiping could spread the spill. Repeat blotting with dry area of the cloth until the spill is totally absorbed.
    • Rinse well with clean water and wipe dry.
    • We recommend that you store your cushions and pillows during winter in a non-humid, dry and well-ventilated space.
    • Air cushions at least once a year.

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